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Warped Mines: Minesweeper PWA

Game Overview

Warped Mines is a simple minesweeper game, but notably different from the classic ones in their spatial warping. Take notice of the lattice structures of the minefield. They consist of regular pentagonal or regular heptagonal cells, while the classics have square or regular hexagonal cells.

Why does such a difference occur? That's because the gameplay of Warped Mines takes place in hyperbolic space, one of the non-Euclidean spaces. This hyperbolic space, discovered by mathematicians N.I. Lobachevsky, J. Bolyai and C.F. Gauss in the 19th century, has a distinctive characteristic that it is negatively curved at every point of itself, so you can't construct the same type of periodic lattice in both the curved space and flat, Euclidean space.

Even with such a unique design, all that's required of you in the game is simple operation with a finger or a mouse. You can explore an extraordinary world without understanding any difficult theories.

Warped Mines is a complete web app, which enables platform-free gameplay. Enjoy it on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, among other platforms.

How to Play

The game goal is to figure out the locations of all the mines hidden in the minefield.

The minefield contains pentagonal or heptagonal cells, any of which you can open by tapping or clicking. If an opened cell has a mine, it explodes and the game is over. In the case the cell contains a number, the game goes on and the number tells you how many mines the adjacent cells have in total.

The cells are drawn in large scale around the center of the circular playing area. By contrast, they are drawn smaller near the edge of the area. Too small to tap or click? No problem. You can drag them to the center to magnify them.

You can mark a cell you think has a mine by long-pressing or right-clicking. The marked cell isn't openable and the same gesture also works for unmarking a cell.

Elapsed time from opening the first cell is shown to the upper left and difference between number of mines and number of flags is indicated to the upper right.

If you open all the cells that don't have a mine, you are the winner. To start the next game, tap or click the circle arrow appearing on the screen.


Tapping or clicking "S" button takes you to the game settings screen.

You can choose "Comp" mode in addition to single player mode. In this mode, you and opponents input a number of two digits before gameplay. Then you all get an identical problem for fair competition.

The cells shape can be chosen among square, regular pentagon, regular hexagon and regular heptagon. Different shapes make up different lattice structures of the minefield.


By tapping or cliking "P" button, you get the user preference window popping up.

Initially, the gestures work as: tap or left-click for opening a cell and long-press or right-click for marking a cell, but you can swap them each other. There's another mode "Switch", in which you can both open and mark cells by tapping or left-clicking. In this mode, tapping or left-clicking on empty area toggles the cells' status between ready-to-open and ready-to-mark.

When auto-open is enabled, you can open plural cells adjoining a revealed number at once with the gesture you use to mark a cell. At this time the cells must be correctly marked.

If you are playing on a touch device, the window offers between 0.1 and 0.4 seconds for the duration of long press for more comfortable gameplay.

Install as a PWA

Add the icon to your mobile device's home screen for offline gameplay. If your OS is Android, Tap Menu > “Add to Home screen”. In the case of iOS, Tap Action > “Add to Home Screen”.

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